It’s Not Too Late for Seniors to Apply for College Admission and Financial Aid!

Is your student set to enter college next fall but the cost is too expensive?  Did your student delay applications because of the uncertainty or confusion regarding their next best step?  Well, it’s not too late to apply to many colleges across the nation.  Every May the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) posts a list of schools that still have open seats to fill.  This means there are hundreds of schools still accepting applications and offering financial aid.  Many families assume that if they miss the standard deadlines they’re simply out of luck.  But, this isn’t the case!  One of my collaborative partners, a guidance counselor at a local Grand Rapids high school, recently told me that he will have students applying to colleges and filling out financial aid forms throughout the summer.  So, if you’re son or daughter applied to a school only to find out that it’s simply too expensive or was simply late to the game there’s still time!

Remember, as a rule of thumb, those who make the grade get the aid.  These schools want to fill their opens seats, and in some cases, they may be willing to throw significant aid to strong candidates in order to entice them to enroll.  As of today, there are 15 Michigan colleges alone that are still accepting applications and the FAFSA – including Aquinas, Kettering, Western Michigan and Wayne State.  Click Here to see the full list provided by the NACAC.  Also, if you’re a parent of a junior with a strong academic profile take note.  These might be good schools to apply to next year as they may have greater flexibility in providing financial assistance.

It’s far better to know ahead of time where your student can get in, get aid and afford to go, but there are still opportunities to those that are late to the game.

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