College is a BIG investment

The cost of tuition is out of control! Yet year after year parents line up to send their kids to college regardless of price. You can do better.

You need to approach college as an investor rather than ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ as ‘heart’ can easily overrule ‘wallet.’ We help parents buy the right college at the right price, so you can invest in your child’s future without racking up massive loans or robbing retirement.

We are a trusted partner and recognized authority on college funding across West Michigan.


Free College Strategy Session

In this 45-min private session, we will:

  • Calculate Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) – EFC represents the minimum amount a college will expect you to pay towards your child’s education before they will offer you any need-based financial aid. Knowing your EFC is critical as it drives your planning priorities and brings clarity to your family’s minimum out-of-pocket cost.

  • Define Your Category of Aid – We will determine whether you will “Always,” “Sometimes” or “Never” qualify for need-based financial aid at 4-yr colleges.

  • Identify Your Planning Priorities – What you don’t know about paying for college maybe more important than what you do know. Developing an efficient strategy to pay for college can be complex. For this reason, we will help you identify your family’s planning priorities so you know where to focus your attention.

You have sacrificed much to give your child a better future, so let us help you get on the path to finding a college that positions your child for success at a price you can afford.