Uncover proven strategies to spend less on college, so you can avoid the student loan trap and have more for retirement





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In This Complimentary Tool, We'll Show You:



The college aid elements

Learn about the types of aid available, which applications to complete and how student aid eligibility is calculated


the key to more aid

Learn how lowering EFC is the best way to get more aid


no aid, no problem

Learn what families can do to reduce the cost of college if they will not qualify for financial aid



professional STRATEGIES

Actionable steps to maximize college savings and cut the cost

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Hi, I’m Joe Harmon, a Financial Life Planner, and I help families make wise decisions with money in order to achieve their desired outcomes and enjoy a successful retirement.

The College Aid Decoder & Savings Accelerator gives you inside access on how the college funding game works and strategies I use every day to maximize savings and reduce the cost for the families I serve.

Without it, you’ll probably waste time sifting through a ton of information that doesn’t cut through to the answers you need to do college planning right.

With it, you’ll eliminate the confusion and have actionable strategies to start reducing the cost so that you can pay for college and stay up to speed for retirement.