Holistic financial planning fits all the pieces together. The pieces required will depend on your unique situation and needs.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is often the driving force in seeking professional financial advice.  Whether saving for, nearing or living out retirement we help guide our clients through transitions and life events to stay on track with their retirement goals.  Often there are multiple sources of income and assets, such as Social Security, pensions, 401ks and IRAs, that must be aligned appropriately in order to meet your needs and preserve as much wealth as possible for later years.

College Planning

We can help you identify Your Best Strategy® to pay for college. Making sensible decisions goes beyond saving in an education account and completing the FAFSA. We have specialized knowledge in the areas of college admissions, financial aid, taxes, investing, and financial planning to simplify the college funding process and help you pay for college as wisely as possible.

Charitable Planning

Wise Giving allows you to maximize the benefits of your generosity for you, your family and the organizations that you support. We may be able to help you further leverage your ability to give using advanced techniques that provide you with the greatest possible tax deduction for current and future giving.

Estate Planning

Your estate plan can impact the way you live in your retirement years and the future welfare of your spouse, children and others you care about. An important part of estate planning is planning for disability or incapacity during your lifetime to ensure the uninterrupted management of your personal and financial affairs. Upon your death, your estate plan will ensure that you give what you want to whom you want and in the manner that you want, while maintaining your privacy and minimizing estate settlement time and cost. Our goal is to help protect you and your family and help you structure the distribution of your wealth to do the greatest good for the people and organizations you care about.

Tax Strategies

Paying taxes can hinder both your current and future income. We look to identify potential opportunities to help reduce your overall tax burden. This includes evaluating specific savings vehicles, unique securities or investment strategies, income shifting and gifting strategies and then coordinating with a CPA or tax professional. If you do not have one, we can certainly help you find the right tax partner for your specific needs.


Investment Management

We offer fee-only investment management services to our clients as one solution to help them achieve their desired outcomes. Accounts are established with an independent, third-party custodian which allows us to utilize stocks, bonds, mutual funds, closed-end funds, Exchange Traded Funds, REITs, index funds and other publicly traded securities. With such a wide array of tools, we can seek opportunities wherever they may be hiding, regardless of market or economic conditions.

Risk Management

The goal of insurance is protect you and your family from the financial consequences of an untimely death, disability or loss. But, you may be carrying too much, too little or the wrong types of insurance. We will analyze all of your insurance policies and determine if you have coverage that properly aligns with your desired outcomes and whether there are opportunities to lower your current cost.