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Shocking Student Loan Statistics

  • Almost 30% of borrowers move back in with their parents after graduation

  • Over 34% of borrowers have delayed starting a family because of their debt

  • Over 47% of borrowers have delayed buying a car because of their debt

  • Over 73% of borrowers have delayed saving for retirement because of their debt

  • Around 63% of borrowers have delayed buying a home because of their debt

There is a wealth of information available on paying for college but a poverty of advice.  Parents are so confused and stressed that many delay or avoid college planning all together.  It's no wonder that 80% of parents provide little to no support in paying for their child's college. This is how students end up in true financial hardship.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Please provide your feedback below. Together we can help our communities determine which colleges they can afford based on their budget with or without financial aid.


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